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Features of RMG Crane for Container Handling

The rail-mounted container gantry crane is designed for the handling, loading/unloading of various containers or railway wide-boxes at container yards of ports, docks, railways, logistics, etc.

Container Handling RMG

The rail-mounted container gantry crane is supported by multiple sets of steel wheels on the track, powered by electricity, and composed of a crane traveling mechanism, a hoisting trolley mechanism, a gantry frame, a power system, and specialized container lifting equipment. Our company specializes in providing up-rotary (hoisting trolley rotation) rail-mounted container gantry cranes, down-rotary (spreader rotation) rail-mounted container gantry cranes, with or without cantilever, and railway-specific rail-mounted container gantry cranes. Our products can adapt to various types and categories of general or specialized container lifting spreaders, meeting the lifting requirements of standard or specialized containers in different working conditions.



1. Our products are designed, manufactured, and inspected in accordance with the latest international and China’s standards, such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS, and GB. They are characterized by diverse functions, high efficiency, stability, reliability, wide operating range, and easy maintenance and upkeep.

2. The gantry cranes are equipped with comprehensive safety indicators and overload protection devices, ensuring maximum safety for operators and equipment. The electrical drive system utilizes unique technologies such as fully digital AC frequency conversion and PLC control, providing flexible and precise control.

3. Our products come with a standard bi-directional flexible resistance anti-sway system, and can be optionally equipped with a multifunctional frequency conversion anti-sway micro-motion system and an electronic anti-sway system. These systems effectively prevent swaying, are easy to maintain, and improve the anti-sway performance of the container.

4. The CMS intelligent service management system monitors the real-time operation of equipment.

5. Our products utilize vector frequency conversion, energy feedback, and torque balancing control technologies, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, as well as convenient and efficient.

6. Our container gantry cranes feature automated fault detection and real-time data display technologies, ensuring safety and reliability.

7. The gantry cranes offer multiple operation modes, including manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and remote control, and are characterized by advanced technology and stable performance.

8. It has core technologies such as automatic positioning, intelligent container-to-container transfer, intelligent trajectory control, and intelligent safety protection.

9. The products are equipped with various safety measures such as high-wind alarms and dynamic safety scanning.

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