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100t Overhead Crane for Rotor Lifting in Iraq

On January 5th, the No. 1 unit of the 2 × 630 MW oil and gas engineering power station completed the rotor installation in an Iraq power plant. Liftsmart provided a capacity 100 tons overhead cranes for the rotor lifting.


The weight of the rotor is 67.5 tons. The hoisting crane is the dedicated steam engine room overhead crane. The main traction device adopts two 10-ton electric inverted chains as the rotor traction tool.


Before installing the rotor, the project department fully prepared and planned, and completed all relevant inspection and acceptance, safety, technical disclosure and various tests before installing the rotor; during the rotor installation process, the on-site construction personnel and technicians actively cooperated to ensure quality and quantity. Completed the installation of the rotor of No. 1 generator, completed the first important construction task of the new year, and demonstrated the refined management of steam turbine installation, excellent skills, and professional and skilled installation level.

Office building of Liftsmart
wooden case for crane parts packing
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