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Electric Chain Hoist



Electric chain hoists are light capacity lifting devices with chain sling lift capacity from 0.3t to 10t. It can be fixed or hung at beams, or with a driving trolley traveling on beams, suspension crane girders, overhead crane, etc.


Structure and Driving:

The body of the electric chain hoist adopts high-strength aluminum alloy with a beautiful appearance, compact structure, small size, and light weight. It has 2-stage gear transmission, and the high-speed stage is helical gear transmission; therefore, the chain hoist has stable transmission, low noise, and high strength components.


Hoist Parts:

Its main parts are made of high alloy steel and processed by multiple heat treatments. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high strength and good wear resistance. The hook is made of high-strength alloy steel. After intensive heat treatment, they are very strong, and the hook will not break even if it is overloaded.



The electric chain hoist is simple to use and maintain,  it can be fitted on the beam or girder of single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, gantry crane,  jib crane, and other cranes. Therefore, it is a lifting equipment for factories, mines, shops, warehouses, freight yards, ports, etc. It is an essential machine to improve labor efficiency and working conditions. 



1. Aluminum shell body has the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, no deformation and safety;
2. Up and down travel limit switch, stop automatically to limit the chain traveling within the range;
3. High strength chain is applicable for all working conditions;
4. Push button pendant control, comfortable pushing;



· 0.5t single speed trolley type,
· 0.5t single speed fixed type,
· 1t single speed trolley type,
· 1t single speed fixed type,
· 2t single speed double chain trolley type,
· 2t single speed double chain fixed type,
· 2t single speed single-chain trolley type,
· 2t single speed single-chain fixed type,
· 3t single speed trolley type,
· 3t single speed fixed type,
· 5t single speed trolley type,
· 5t single speed fixed type,
· 7.5t single speed trolley type,
· 7.5t single speed fixed type,
· 10t single speed trolley type,
· 10t single speed fixed type,
· 0.5t dual-speed trolley type,
· 0.5t dual-speed fixed type,
· 1t two-speed trolley type,
· 1t two-speed fixed type,
· 2t double speed double chain trolley type,
· 2t double speed double chain fixed type,
·2t double speed single-chain trolley type,
·2t double speed  single-chain fixed type,
·3t dual-speed  fixed type,
·5t dual-speed  fixed type,
·7.5t dual-speed operating type,
·7.5t dual-speed fixed type,
·10t dual-speed fixed type,
·3t dual-speed trolley type,
·5t dual-speed trolley type,
·10t dual-speed trolley type,

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