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Wall-Traveling Jib Crane

INTRODUCTION of Wall-Traveling Jib Crane:

A wall-traveling jib crane is a jib crane running along rail tracks on walls or other supporting beam structures. The rail track of the crane is installed on the concrete support column or steel supporting beam of the shop building. The jib crane can move longitudinally along the rail track, at the same time, the electric hoist can move horizontally along the jib arm and lift vertically. The electric hoist can be a wire rope hoist or chain hoist.

Capacity: 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 900kg, 1t, 2t


Make More Working Space for You:

The wall-traveling jib crane greatly expands the working range and makes more effective use of the space of the workshop. It can be widely used for heavy lifting operations in factories, workshops, production lines, assembly lines, mines, loading and unloading machine tools, warehouses, docks, and other places.


Application of Wall Traveling Jib Crane:

Wall traveling jib crane is used in workshops or warehouses with big spans and large building height. It is more suitable for frequent lifting operations near the wall. Wall rail jib crane is mainly used in conjunction with the above bridge crane. Large workpieces/materials are handled by a bridge crane, while a wall traveling jib crane is used for lifting light and small objects.

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Specifications of Wall-Traveling Jib Crane:

1. Power supply: 3-phase AC; frequency: 50/60Hz; rated voltage: 380V, 415V
2. Working temperature: -20℃~+45℃; related humidity is no less than 85%.
3. Work duty: A3~A5.

4. Model: BB

The basic parameters (rated lifting capacity, lifting height and arm length, etc.) of the crane shall be provided when requesting a quotation.

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