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INTRODUCTION to Crane Wheels:

Crane steel wheels are for overhead crane, gantry crane, metallurgy casting cranes, slab handling cranes, magnet cranes, steel coil clamp cranes, etc. in the metallurgical plant, forging materials of wheel: 60#, 65Mn, 42CrMo. 

Wheel block uses special bearing surface design, trolley frame, end carriage/end truck, and wheel assembly support surface apply the overall process to ensure horizontal and vertical deflection of each wheel, high precision assembly, stable operation, and easy for replacement.

The bearing support of the wheel block adopts the corner box structure, which is fixed on the trolley frame or on the bending plate of the crane end beam by bolts. The structure can adjust the wheel during periods of use and maintenance, ensure the horizontal and vertical deflection of the wheel, and avoid the wheel gnawing the rail. The corner box structure is the most widely used mature technology in China at present.


FEATURES of Crane Wheels:

1. Diameter and material of wheel consider the most adverse conditions bearing the largest force, ensure that no part of the wheel will bear overload.
2. Wheels are made of 65Mn/ ZG430-640(CL60) cast steel, and surface is frequency heat treated, hardness comply with the following:
The hardness of tread and inner of wheel flange(HB)≥300~380
Min depth of quenching is more than 20mm  
Min. hardness of hardening zone shall be no less than HB 260 
Tread and wheel inner flange of wheel shall not affect the performance, shall not be repaired by welding.


Technical Description of Crane Wheels:

  • Type: Casting Wheel

  • Application: Crane, trolley, transfer car, heavy-duty industry, Port crane, Steel factory, etc.

  • Material: 4140/SCM440/42CrMo,ssw-QIR/65#steel,65Mn,50SiMn,QT800,ZG35SiMn,SSW-Q1

  • Dimension: φ250, φ350, φ400, φ500, φ600, φ700, φ800, φ 1000, φ 1200 or as your require

  • Process: Casting

  • Quality Control: UT, MT, RT, PT, chemical composition test, mechanical property test, etc.

  • Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering

  • Quenching Depth: ≥20mm

  • Coating: Black Oxide + Rust-proof oil

  • Inspection: Besides our in-house inspection, you could also choose a third-party inspection.

  • Standard: ASTM, ASME, DIN, JIS, ISO, BS, API, EN, GOST, etc

  • Certificate: 1.  Raw material certificate(material chemical composition)

  • 2. Heat treatment sheet report

  • 3. Dimension inspection report

  • 4. UT/MT test report

  • Packing: Seaworthy plywood packaged on steel pallets or as customer's request

  • Delivery Date: 15~30 working days 

  • Competitive Advantage: Quality control and management of the whole production process, including ingot smelting, forging, heat treatment, machining, and strictly final inspection prior to delivery.

  • All our products have obtained CCC, ISO9001, and CE certification.

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