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In liftsmart, you will find full range cranes for your indoor working sites such as shops, workstation, workshop, storage, warehouse, buildings, etc. Maybe you are looking for suspension crane, overhead crane, EOT crane, jib crane, light crane system, or heavy crane system, or even electric hoists, chain hoist, etc. Yes, we supply all cranes you need. In fact, we suppy more solutions than products. For example, sometimes, your concern is the building size, or the special spreader, right? We have confidence to handle your projects with the best solutions and the right crane products.



Liftsmart provides full range cranes for metallurgy industry. With our cranes, all steel production process will be easy to handle. You will find our cranes will handle the steel scrap, ladle, steel pipe, steel bar, steel sheet, steel plate, steel coil roll, etc. Liftsmart also provide solutions for various metal processing, for example, we provide multifunctional cranes for electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic copper, aluminum plant, Graphite Electrode, etc. The special lifting spreader and devices such as hook, grab, bucket, clamps, magnet will be fitted on our cranes to meet your needs in casting, forging, quenching, rolling, etc. You won't fail to find the best way for your metallurgy projects.



Overhead cranes are usually used to lift and assemble stator, steam turbine stator and rotor in power plants, also to handle other workpieces and tools for daily maintenance. 

Cranes are also an import equipment for pulp and paper-making industry. Cranes are employed to lift paper scrolls at papermaking lines and storages, as well as lifting tools or machines for maintenance. Liftsmart is able to provide turn-key lifting and transport solution for your paper-making plant. 



Gantry cranes are designed for all kind of outdoor projects. Where can you find a project gantry crane? Come on, it is almost everywhere. You will see it at road construction site such as highway construction, railway construction, subway/metro construction, etc. tunnel construction site, shipbuilding yards, even at a stone handling plant, and so on. What the gantry crane to handle? Wow, I can tell many many. A gantry crane can be employed to handle all kinds of materials such as metal scrap, stone, workpieces, tools, machines, precast beam, bridge, tank, sections, ship body, hull, tunnel machine, shield, slag, etc.



Another important role of gantry crane is the container handling. It is no doubt that global trade is becoming more and more essential for peoples' daily life. There are numerous ports and terminals handling the containers day and night. This is why we need container handling gantry cranesContainer gantry crane can be many types. The commonly seen ones are RMG, RTG, STS, portal cranes, etc. For example, a rail-mounted gantry crane or RMG crane is used to handle large amount of containers at container yards. Nowadays, ARMGC is smart enough to handle containers wtih fully automatic operation and rotatable spreaders.