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Free-Standing Jib Crane


A freestanding jib crane is a piece of light lifting equipment installed on the floor foundation and bolts fix the pillar foot to the ground. This jib crane is composed of the pillar, jib arm, lifting hoist, and jib rotation mechanism, etc. It is used at workshops, warehouses, shops, labs for short-distance material handling.

Lift Capacity: 0.25 ~ 5 Tons

Other capacities click to see heavy-duty jib crane



This free-standing jib crane has the features of beautiful, reasonable, and simple structure, easy operation, flexible rotation, large working space, energy-saving, and high efficiency. It is an important product used at production lines, assembly lines, and machine tools in factories, mines, and workshops, as well as in warehouses, docks, and other occasions for workpiece and material lifting.



The lifting hoist can be a Model CD/MD wire rope hoist, Europe standard wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, and Europe standard chain hoist. The hoist travels along the jib arm which is driven by the reducer on the slewing device, and the electrical control box is installed on the electric hoist.


The operation of this jib crane is controlled by the button pendant or remote control. There are eight buttons on the pendant, which control the fast rise, fast fall, slow rise, slow fall, left and right rotation, and the horizontal movement of the hoist trolley.


For Safety

1. Do not press the fast and slow button and the reverse rotation button of the same motor at the same time during operation.

2. It is forbidden to stand under the jib during operation.

3. It is forbidden to lift heavies that exceed the rated load.

4. For convenient transportation, the jib crane adopts disassembly packaging. Users can install it according to the product manual.

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