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This electric hoist is a new design wire rope hoist, which can be installed on suspension craneoverhead crane, jib crane and gantry crane. This hoist is strictly made according to European FEM and DIN standard. According to different structures and requirements, there are monorail hoist, double-rail crab hoist, foot-mounted hoist, and low-headroom hoist for variable installations.

Lift Capacity: 0.5 ~ 80 Tons



This electric hoist is a general-purpose lifting equipment used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage, docks and other places.

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1. Small size, light self-weight, simple operation and easy to use.
2. Compact structure, the motor axis is perpendicular to the axis of the drum and the hoist adopts a worm gear transmission device.
3. The hydraulic system is dual-controlled, and the pressure can be precisely controlled by the overflow regulating valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge.
4. The electrical control department adopts low-voltage control, which increases the safety of the control system.
5. Different types for your project, monorail type, double-rail type, foot-mounted type, and low-headroom type. Flexible, variable and wide application.
6. The height of this new electric hoist is very small. The transmission mechanism adopts a high-speed motor and a hard-tooth surface gearbox. Small gap, the lifting height can reach the maximum.
7. High assembly precision, convenient transportation and long service life. 
8. European standard with compact structure, stable working, flexible operation and reliable performance.

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