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Suspension Crane Model LX

This crane is suspended under the structural beams of shops and carries out under-running of the I beam structure. It is a light-duty crane with a Capacity: 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t.


of Suspension Crane LX

Suspension crane Model LX consists of main girder, end carriage, electric hoist (wire rope hoist or chain hoist), electric control system, etc. it is light-duty lifting equipment with features of economical, practical, and easy to operate. Suspension cranes can be fitted in shops, plants, warehouses, steel industries machining shops, material stocks to lift objects. 

LX suspension crane 2 tons


of Suspension Crane LX

1. The structure: Electric hoist, single girder, end carriages, electric control system;

2. Low height, small size, lightweight;
3. The operation mode: pendent control, wireless remote control;
4. Advanced design concept makes the crane with outstanding distribution and performance, the working limit interval of the hook is also reduced to the maximum level, effectively improves the space utilization, also reduce the plant investment costs.
5. High-performance braking system with the anti-dust device can be adjusted automatically, safe service life no less than 1000,000 times.

LX suspension crane 1 tons


of Suspension Crane LX

1. Weight overload protection device.
2. Top-quality polyurethane bumper.
3. Emergency stop system.
4. Hoisting limit switch and traveling limit switch.
5. Zero voltage protection.
6. Phases protection device and so on.

5t suspension crane


of Suspension Crane LX

Before Using:
1. Before starting, the operator shall check the hooks, wire ropes, and safety devices, make sure all of these parts are in normal status.
2. The operator must confirm that there is nobody under the crane or on the track before turning on the power.

During Using:
When lifting a heavy object for the first time in each shift (or when the object reaches the maximum weight), the weight should be lowered to the ground after lifting to a  height of 0.5m, and the performance of the brake shall be checked.

 After Using:
1. Lift the hook to a certain height, stop the crane at the designated position, and place the pendant control at the zero position; and cut off the power.
2. Daily maintenance of the crane.
3. Check shift handover and takeover records.

1t suspension crane
LX suspension crane specification
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