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1). 8 operation buttons, 6 single-speed buttons, a start key, and 1 stop key.
2). Control points up to 8.
3). With the battery voltage warning device, the power supply is cut off during low power.
4). Program the button function by computer interface.
5). Up/down, east/west, north/south can be programmed to interlock or non-interlock.
6). The spare button can be programmed to start, toggle, or normal, etc.

7). With ISO9001 certification system/ CE certification /FCC certification.


Transmitter Parameter F21-E1B TX

Dimension:                             164*75*46mm
Weight:                                   315kg (without batteries)
Material:                                 Glass-fiber
Protection class:                      IP65 
Frequency range optional:      50-60 HZ

Voltage:                                   12V, 24V, 36V, 110V,220V, 380V

Frequency range:                   VHF: 310-331MHz; UHF:425-446MHz
Transmitter power:                   ≤10dBm
Transmitter power supply:       2 AA batteries
Safety code:                             32bits (4.3 billion)
Temperature range:                 -40℃-+85℃
Control disance:                      Approx 100m (200m is customized) 


Remote Control F24-12S/D/S Launcher


F24-12S: 12 function buttons+ mushroom emergency stop + start key
F24-12D: 12 function buttons (two-stage button) + mushroom head emergency sop +start key.


With a battery voltage warning device, it can automatically cut off the circuit when the voltage is insufficient. Rotate the key switch safely to prevent unauthorized use. Up and down, east/west, south/north can be set to suppress each other. The spare keys 1-6 can be set to normal, interlock, bounce, switch, and other functions by the receiving computer.


Remote Control F24-12S/D/S Receiver


Model: 205*160*110mm
Weight: 630g
Receiver power supply: AC 380V, AC 220V, AC 36V, DC 24V, DC 48V

1). Smart wireless technology signals are not afraid of interference
Adjust to the best performance, stable signal power consumption, external antenna. Avoid the shielding of the signal by the fuselage, so that the remote control signal is everywhere.
2). Superb NMT nano-forming integrated design
Surface sandblasting injection molding process with an ergonomic and elegant arc. It fits every inch of your skin into the palm of your hand.
3). The perfect combination of inner and outer
Continuous optimization and improvement, hide power and stability in simple and intuitive control.
4). The power is constant and the electric energy is not reduced.
5). Special design, pluggable safety key switch, prevent unauthorized use.
6). Better protection, more security. The “mushroom head” designed with international standards makes an emergency stop, constantly challenging oneself, surpassing oneself, responding more quickly, and constantly making new breakthroughs.
7). Comfortable feel and reliable performance
Single-speed and double–speed switches, with dust proof structure and reliable metal contact buttons.
8). Easy to disassemble battery compartment design
9). Enhanced signal shielding box design, using wireless transmission theory combined with field data, conclusions have been drawn after years of experiments. The shielding box is equipped with special materials, which can effectively remove on-site clutter and reduce noise, so as to achieve the stable passage of wireless signals. 
10). Fixed screw installation with damping rubber. The vibration damping rubber at the fixed point of the receiver can fully reduce the effect of equipment vibration on the performance of the remote control.
11). Anti-drop connection buckle
The sides of the front and rear covers of the receiver are provided with connection buckles, which can ensure a stable electrical connection of the receiver when the user opens the shell.
12). Designed according to IP65 protection level.
The protection class IP65 designed for the enclosure of electrical equipment against foreign matter intrusion prevents dust from entering. Rinse the enclosure with water, and the internal electrical equipment will not be harmed.
13). With cable, the receiver comes with a 1.2-1.5 meter cable with clear surface color and is equipped with U-shaped terminal blocks. It is convenient for users to connect quickly. 
14). Accurately cover the wall artifact 
Equipped with high-performance antennas, effectively improving the wireless signal performance through walls.


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