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Spark-Free Hoist Model HB

Product Name: HB Type Explosion-Proof Wire-Rope Electric Hoist, Flame Proof Hoist, Spark Proof Hoist
Lifting Height: 3-30m
Lifting Capacity: 1-32t
Working Temperature: -25°C~ +45°C

explosion proof hoist pendant control

Introduction to Spark-free Hoist Model HB:

This hoist is an explosion-proof wire rope hoist which is made according to GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.2-2000 regulations, and motor and electrical equipment are spark-free and flame-proof. When the explosion-proof grade is ExdII CT4, the traveling mechanism is treated with spark-proof. The flame-proof hoist is designed with explosion-proof grade ExdII BT4 and ExdII CT4, which can be used on workshop fixed suspension track, and also can be used with LXB explosion proof suspension crane, LB explosion-proof electric overhead traveling crane.

explosion proof hoist 5 ton

Application of Spark-free Hoist Model HB:

HB spark-free electric hoist is applicable to the environment where flammable gas, steam and air form explosive gas in the working plant. Its explosion-proof grade is less than B or C, and the ignition group is greater than T4 (135 ° C).

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