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Gantry Crane for Subway Construction

A subway construction gantry crane is for slag handling and subway construction machine and tool handling during construction of subway tunnel. 


Introduction to Subway Construction Gantry Crane

The main role of a subway construction crane is for slag handling or tunneling machine handling during the construction of subway tunnels. This gantry crane can be a single girder gantry crane or double girder gantry crane which is composed of the hoist, gantry, driving mechanism, hydraulic turnover mechanism, cab, and electrical equipment.


Introduction to Lifting Mechanism

The lifting mechanism adopts the spreader beam, and the flexible lifting belt is used on both sides of the hanging beam to lift the slag bucket.

The hoist trolley is equipped with a hydraulic turnover mechanism, which is composed of a hydraulic workstation and a slag turnover hook. When the hanging beam lifts the slag bucket to the rated height, the driver controls the action of the hydraulic turnover mechanism, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the hook to a specific position. At this time, the driver controls the slag bucket to descend, and the slag tipping hook hooks the eccentric overturning shafts on both sides of the slag bucket to continue to descend, and the slag bucket starts to overturn by using the gravity eccentricity, so as to complete the dumping work.

subway construction gantry crane

Introduction to Traveling Mechanism

The hoist trolley traveling mechanism is composed of motor, brake, coupling, reducer, wheel blocks, and other components, and is equipped with a rail sweeper, buffer, and other safety devices.

The crane traveling mechanism adopts eight wheels four drives mode. The motor fixed on the bogie drives the wheels through the vertical reducer and is equipped with a windproof rail clamp. When the crane works normally, the clamp of the rail clamp leaves the track, and when the crane stops working, it clamps the track to prevent the crane from moving.

subway construction gantry crane erection

Introduction to Operation Cabin

All working mechanisms are controlled in the cab. The cab is a closed structure, and the framework is welded by profiles. The structure is exquisite and the appearance is beautiful. The reasonable structural design enables the driver to clearly observe the working conditions of the hook working range on the seat. There is an adjustable seat, insulating pads on the bottom plate, tempered window glass, fire extinguishers, and air conditioners. Loudspeakers can be configured according to users’ requirements.


Introduction to Speed Control

Lifting and traveling mechanisms adopt variable frequency control, speed range is 1:10,  The lifting speed can be adjusted stepless with the change of load, realize heavy load low speed, light load high speed, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the crane.

Features of Subway Construction Gantry Crane

1. Double brake for lifting mechanism, the safety factor is not less than 1.75, safe and smooth operation.
2. The insulation grade of the motor is F, and the protection grade is IP54/IP44
3. Wire rope has high strength and long service life.
4. The long and cross traveling buffers are shock resistant, absorb large energy, have a small rebound, low noise.
5. There is no casting defect inside the wheel tread and flange.
6. Safety protection devices include anemometer, rail clamp, emergency power-off switch, lifting height limiter, long and cross travel switch, overload limiter and sound light alarm, etc.

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