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The polyurethane bumper or buffer is a safety device for anti-collision of crane and hoists trolley frame. When the position limiter or brake of the mechanical bridge crane is malfunctioning, the overhead crane or trolley running to the end due to inertia will collide with the provided stop at the running end. The purpose of setting the buffer is to absorb the crane or crane operation function to slow down the impact. The buffer is set at a position where the crane or trolley is in collision with the stop. A buffer should also be provided between the cranes running on the same track and between the two carriages on the same bridge.



1. Application: Polyurethane rubber buffer for anti-collision of crane and trolley.
2. Polyurethane buffer with good hardness, good strength, quick recovery, oil resistance, aging resistance, acid, and corrosion resistance.
3. Light dead weight, simple mechanism, low price and noise, no spark, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
4. Based on its way of connection, polyurethane buffer could be divided into three series: stud type (JHQ-A), platen type (JHQ-B), and flange-plate type (JHQ-C). For each series, there are 14 to 21 specifications, and each specification corresponds to the buffer of each capacity.

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