A lift height limiter can be installed on a hoist or winch to limit the height of lifting, to avoid damage of lifting equipment. When operating in a confined space or operating under site mandate, you should fit height limiting equipment to your plant machinery. All lifting and articulating equipment will benefit from a height limiter and can be retrofitted to detect and prevent movement towards or through a pre-determined height limit. 

Fitting a height limiter to your cranes demonstrates a standard of safety across your operations. Choosing a height limiter is a complex task and multiple factors need to be considered to ensure the system used suitable for the applications required. 


1. Cam rotary limit switch, 4 contacts fully adjustable upper and lower limit.    
2. Accurate position, phase sequence control, deceleration before stop.
3. Free adjustment, multi-point control, wide adjustment range, high precision limit, and the same life with cranes.   
4. Deceleration increases the life and safety of brakes.