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INTRODUCTION of Crane Drum Brake:

A Crane drum brake is a hydraulic brake that stops or decelerates the moving of the hoisting drum of cranes. The drum brake is mainly composed of a brake frame, brake parts, and control devices. Electric hydraulic brakes are widely used in the deceleration or braking of mechanical drives for lifting, metallurgy, mining, ports, docks, construction machinery, and so on. 


FEATURES of Crane Drum Brake:

1. Safe and reliable, stable braking, high using frequency, long service life.
2. Good seal performance, enclosure with high protection grade.
3. Brake torque is shown directly.
4. The interlocking equal clearance device can avoid the adherence of the brake lining on the brake drum.

5. The main swing hinge point is equipped with self-lubricating bearings, which have high transmission efficiency and long service life, and no lubrication is needed during use. Use the insert method between the brake lining and brake shoes, It is more safe and easy to change.

crane drum brake specification

Supply Ability:

5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Pre-Sales Service:
* Engineers will choose the most suitable design. 
* Drawing for confirmation
* Customization based on actual working condition
* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service:
* Engineers can supervise/guide the installation and commissioning
* Exclusive engineer support at any time.
* Low charge for continued maintenance when warranty is expired (One year warranty).



Technical Description of Crane Drum Brake:

  • Product Name: Electric Hydraulic Industry Thruster Drum Brake

  • Brand: Liftsmart

  • Model: YWZ

  • Application: For Crane Wire Rope Drum Braking

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Certification: ISO, CE, CCC, CNAS

  • Power Supply: 3-phase, AC, 50/60Hz, 380V/415V

  • Working Temperature: -25 ~ +45℃

  • Quality: 100% Tested

  • Warranty: 1 Year/12 Months

crane wire rope drum brakes
Office building of Liftsmart
wooden case for crane parts packing
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