Crane Warning Alarm System

INTRODUCTION to Crane Warning Alarm System:

Audible and visual alarm is also called sound-light alarm, alarm sounder with LED beacon, a kind of alarm device, giving warning signals through sound and light. It is developed to satisfy customer’s special requirements for alarm loudness and installation position, this alarming system is widely used at project machines such as overhead crane, gantry crane, truck crane, rubber tyred crane, etc. Once power connected, the device will sound. User can use the wireless remote control to adjust volume up and down, change voice files remotely. 


Features of Crane Warning Alarm System:

1. Support MP3 audio play, good sound quality.
2. Sound and light alarm, sound and light signals triggering together.
3. Max audio output up to 20W, alarm sound loudness up to 120db.
4. Using LED strobe light, long life high brightness, low power consumption, stable performance.
5. Replace alarm sound via USB flash drive through USB interface (optional).
6. Can select alarm sound or adjust volume by infrared remote controller (optional).
7. Alarm light and warning signal are integration.
8. Weather-proof circuit technology for waterproof and dust-proof.


Technical Parameters of Crane Warning Alarm System:

  • Rated Voltage: can customize DC24V/ AC220V

  • Power Frequency: 50~60Hz

  • Sound Volume: A (customized available)

  • Alarm loudness: ≤120db

  • Power: ≤20W

  • Alarming: Sound & Light

  • Light Type: LED

  • Environment Temperature: -20~+70℃

  • Relative Humidity: 10%~95%

  • Protection class: IP65

  • Color: red

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