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Crane and Hoist Pendant

Description of Crane and Hoist Pendant:

This pendant is a push-button control device for an electric hoist, overhead crane, and gantry crane. It is a cable-type wire control pendant. It can control the crane do motions of traveling forward, backward, and stop, also control hoist do motions of lifting, lowering, traveling, and stop.

crane control pendant

Features of Crane Pendant:

1. Plastic shell with reasonable structure

2. Rubber cable jacket, waterproof seal

3. Emergency button protection circuit and electric hoist

4. Dustproof and rainproof

hoist control buttons

Model COB/CLD Electric Hoist Pendant Specifications:

CLD-65BH: 11 buttons

CLD-64A: 10 buttons

CLD-64BH: 9 buttons

CLD-63A: 8 buttons

CLD-63BH: 7 buttons

CLD-62A: 6 buttons

CLD-62BH: 5 buttons

CLD-61A: 4 buttons

CLD-61: 2 buttons

Power Supply: 220v/380v, 50Hz

electric hoist control pendant
crane and hoist control button pendant
cd hoist pendant
cable pendant for hoist
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