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Project Gantry Crane

A project gantry crane is a heavy-duty gantry crane used for road construction, shipbuilding, bulk material handling, heavy equipment lifting, dam gate lifting, civil engineering, etc.

project gantry crane for shipbuilding

Description of Project Gantry Crane:

A project gantry crane is a heavy-duty gantry crane used for road construction, shipbuilding, bulk material handling, heavy equipment lifting, dam gate lifting, civil engineering, etc. The gantry structure frame is with two supporting legs running on the rail tracks on the ground, and the two ends of the main beam can be with have out hanging cantilever.


 The project gantry crane has the characteristics of wide application, a large operating range, good adaptability, and strong versatility. The commonly seen project gantry crane can be a general-purpose gantry crane, power plant gantry crane, shipbuilding gantry crane, road construction gantry crane, and container gantry crane.

double girder gantry crane MG

General-purpose Gantry Crane:

This general-purpose gantry crane mostly adopts box-type and truss-type girder structures and has the most extensive uses. It can transport all kinds of articles and bulk materials, with a lifting capacity of fewer than 100 tons, and a span of 4 to 39 meters. Gantry cranes with grab buckets have a higher level of work. It can be equipped with a hook, grab, electromagnetic, spreader, etc. Sometimes it also can be a semi-gantry crane.

lattice gantry crane lift beam bridge

Road Construction Gantry Crane:

A road construction gantry crane is usually applied to handle precast concrete beam bridges and equipment for road construction. It is commonly seen at the construction site of highways, railways, subways, overpasses, viaducts, etc.


Shipbuilding Gantry Crane:

The shipbuilding gantry crane can be used for a berth to assemble the ship hull, there are always two crane trolleys: one has two main hooks, which run on the track of the gantry beam; the other has the main hook and auxiliary hook, which are on the lower flange of the beam. It runs on the track for turning and hoisting large hull sections. The lifting weight is generally 100 to 1500 tons; the span is up to 185 meters; the lifting speed is 2 to 15 m/min, and the fretting speed is 0.1 to 0.5 m/min.


Container Gantry Crane:

The container gantry crane is used in container terminals. After the trailer transports the containers unloaded from the quayside container crane from the ship to the yard or rear, they are stacked by the container gantry crane or directly loaded and transported away. A yard that can stack containers 3 to 4 layers high and 6 rows wide by the container gantry cranes. Compared with the container straddle carrier, the container gantry crane has a larger span and height on both sides of the mast. In order to meet the transportation needs of the port and wharf, the working level of this crane is relatively high. The lifting speed is 8~10m/min; the span is determined according to the number of container rows that need to be crossed, the maximum is about 60 meters, which corresponds to the lifting weight of 20-foot, 30-foot, and 40-foot containers, respectively, about 20 tons and 25 tons And 30 tons.


Power Plant Gantry Crane:

The power plant gantry crane is mainly used for lifting the flood gates, and can also be used for installation operations. The lifting capacity is 80-500 tons, the span is small, 8-16 meters; the lifting speed is low, 1-5 meters/min. Although this kind of crane is not often working, it is still important to lift very heavyweights, so the work level is relatively high.

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