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Overhead Crane for Power Plant

An overhead crane for power plant is employed to lift and assemble stator, steam turbine stator, and rotor in power plants.


An overhead crane for power plants is for lifting stator, steam turbine stator, and rotor in power plants, which is usually a double girder overhead crane with the features of lightweight, low energy consumption and less maintenance. It can be used at thermal power plant and hydroelectric power plant.



1. Increasing working space: small limit of left and right space to enlarge the working space. Low clearance to make full use of workshop space.

2. Less cost: excellent performance and durability to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair. High-quality components need less maintenance and repair.

3. Less power consumption.

4. Good performance: Adopt frequency conversion tech to lower operating load and make the crane travel at high speed within the light load. Its 1:10 speed range ensures the crane travels smoothly and reduces the impact to the workshop. 

5. Anti-sway technology to realize precise positioning.

6. High-strength materials increase lifting capacity and light self-weight with less wheel load pressure.

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