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50t Bridge Crane for Bangladesh Turbine Room

A few days ago, the No. 2 overhead crane main beam of the turbine room in Bangladesh hoisted in place, marking the start of the installation of the steam engine room of the 1×350MW coal-fired power station.


The crane is a model QD50/20 electric double girder bridge crane. The crane span is 32.5 meters, the hook lifting height is 30 meters, the maximum lifting weight of the main hook is 50 tons, and the maximum lifting weight of the auxiliary hook is 20 tons. After the installation of the two cranes in the turbine room is completed, they will undertake the lifting tasks including the generator stator, rotor, steam turbine and all other auxiliary equipment in the turbine room.


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the delivery of steel structure equipment in the steam engine room was delayed, resulting in the failure to hand over the truck installation work surface of the steam engine room in time. In order to ensure that the truck in the steam engine room can be hoisted in place on time, Liftsmart requires the general contractor to plan in advance and scientifically Arrange and organize carefully, coordinate the cross-operation construction between various disciplines, and make corresponding emergency plans at the same time.

Before hoisting, under the supervision of relevant personnel of the power generation company and the supervision unit, the hoisting tools, machinery and safety protection measures were carefully checked and accepted. The person in charge of construction technology conducted on-site safety and technical clarifications to all construction personnel. After the crane beams in the turbine room are hoisted in place, the remaining part of the mechanical equipment installation and electrical equipment installation and commissioning will be completed as soon as possible, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent installation of equipment in the turbine room.

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