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130t Overhead Crane for Nepal Power Plant

Recently, the 310/60t overhead crane completed the load test in the underground powerhouse for Nepal's Power Station. Liftsmart attached great importance to this test. The power plant overhead crane has a span of 14.5m and the crane structure is designed according to the A3 working level.


The Supervision Department made meticulous preparations before the load test of the bridge crane, carefully reviewed the test plan, safety operation specifications, and test process submitted by the contractor, and actively studied the load test work of the bridge crane and do a good job of on-site coordination and cooperation to ensure the smooth progress of this test.


The load tests were completed in sequence: no-load test, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125 static load test and 110% dynamic load test. The test results met all requirements. Through this load test, the manufacturing and installation quality of the bridge crane, the performance of electrical equipment and the reliability of operation were tested; the load-bearing capacity and construction quality of the rock-anchored crane beam were further verified. It provides a reliable guarantee for the installation of the unit and other equipment.

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