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Crane Cabin

Description of Crane Cabin:

A crane cabin is a control room for the crane driver/operator. There is a seat with a joystick console in it. The cabin can be fitted on an overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, loading cranes, ship unloaders, tire port portal cranes, floating cranes, quayside container gantry cranes, ship loader, Metallurgical overhead cranes, and tower cranes, etc.

overhead crane cabin

Features of Crane Cabin:

1. Working Temperature: -20~40℃

2. Good vision: The operator has a wide observation of the movements of the lifting hooks, lifting objects and cranes, and the surrounding conditions.

3. Comfortable environment: Soft lights, enough space, with AC or cooler, with console seats.

4. Sturdy, beautiful, safe, heat-insulating, fire-proof, dust-proof, and fully enclosed.

5. Top load capacity static load> 2.5KN/m2.

overhead crane driver cabin
gantry crane cabins
crane console cabin
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