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Crane Grab Bucket

The grab bucket is an electric-hydraulic lifting device for cranes for bulk material handling such as wastes, garbage, steel scraps, coal, stone, etc.


Manufacturing technologies of DYZ electro-hydraulic peel grab and DY electro-hydraulic double flap grab are designed with advanced electro-hydraulic mechanical technology. They have a large grasping force and a high degree of automation. They are the ideal loading and unloading tools for handling large ore, pig iron block, scrap steel, garbage, iron powder, straw, slag, and other materials.


It is mainly applicable to cranes such as overhead cranes and gantry cranes for steel, mine, forest farm, coal mine, seaport wharf, scrap purchase, waste treatment, biopower generation, and other industries.


The grab bucket has a compact structure, nice appearance, and is energy-saving & easy to operate. According to different industries and use occasions and different types of materials, the grab is divided into multi flap type and two flap types. (the multi lobes are divided into circular and rectangular ones, and the bucket claws have closed, semi-open and open shapes.)



1. The six flaps of the electro-hydraulic garbage grab are assembled with the frame through the main pin shaft, forming a lotus shape when it works. The oil cylinder connected to the bucket flap controls the closure and opening of the bucket flap to grab or drop materials. High alloy steel is used for precision machining and quenching of the main pin shaft.

2. Bucket tip is made of wear-resistant alloy cast steel. The frame is a basic part, which is made of a wear-resistant steel plate. The hydraulic pump station is installed in the frame, which is composed of a motor, high-pressure plunger pump, and control valve block.

3. The lower space of the frame becomes the oil tank of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump station can be removed from the frame without dismantling the wire rope, which is easy for maintenance. The two ends of the oil cylinder are respectively fixed on the upper part of the frame and the bucket disc with the joint bearing. As the cylinder rod extends and retracts, the flap closes and opens. 

4. The main components of the hydraulic system are famous products, which make the grab have excellent performance. Grab can work in all kinds of severe environments.

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