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Metro Construction Cranes Export to Pakistan

Recently, the first large-scale rail transit project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor—Pakistan's Lahore Orange Line Metro was officially opened for operation. What is proud of is that the 32 sets of various types of metro cranes manufactured by Liftsmart are all used in the operation and maintenance of the project, escorting Pakistan to officially enter the "Metro Era".


The Lahore Rail Transit Orange Line Project in Pakistan is the first large-scale rail transit project signed and implemented under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the "Belt and Road" initiative. There are 26 stations. The project took 5 years to complete. During this period, it overcame a series of difficulties and challenges such as the tight construction period, weak infrastructure, and the impact of the epidemic. It was completed and handed over in October this year.


The person in charge of this project of Liftsmart introduced that the Orange Line Metro, as the benchmark project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, took the lead in opening the "Metro Era" in Pakistan. The economic artery of the entire city of Seoul provides advanced, efficient and safe transportation services for more than 12 million people, and further promotes the stability and long-term development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which has become a new witness of the friendship between China and Pakistan. Relying on advanced technology and excellent quality, Henan Mine provides different types of crane products for the project depot and parking lot, which are mainly used for vehicle maintenance and debugging, and play a key role in project operation and maintenance.


As a good partner and brother of China, Pakistan is actively doing a good job in local infrastructure assistance, and we are obliged to do so. In addition to the subway project, Liftsmart also participated in Pakistan's first coal-fired generating unit project, and designed and contracted multiple 40-ton double-beam bridge cranes for Pakistan’s Fareed Engineering Works, contributing our power to the “Belt and Road” national infrastructure construction.

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