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INTRODUCTION of Single-Pole Conductor Bar System:

The Single Pole conductor bar system is for Crane Power Supply, including a bus bar with an enclosed safety shell, carbon brush current collector, clamps, supports, etc. It is especially suitable for application in multi-pole power supply, high-speed operation, and large current. It’s widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding plant, overhead crane, gantry crane, suspension crane, hoist, automobile manufacturing plant, loading, and unloading at the port, etc.

We supply a full set of conductor systems, including conductor bar, protective cover, feeding sets, joint materials, end caps, hanger clamp, expansion parts, towing arm, current collector, support bracket, isolation parts, etc. Liftsmart also provides a curve conductor bar with R≥1200mm. All conductor bars have obtained CCC, ISO9001, and CE certification.


MATERIAL of Single Pole Conductor Bar System:

Conducive material:  Copper/Aluminum
Housing material:  PVC (ambient temperature 70℃~-40℃)

The single-pole conductor bar materials are copper (200A-5000A) and aluminum (150A-3000A). The aluminum conductor bar is provided with a proven stainless steel contact surface (There is no need to add stainless steel strip in case the conductor is used as a bus bar).


FEATURES of Single Pole Conductor Rails:

1. Quick and Easy installation, maintenance, and replacement.
2. Compact structure, smooth travel, good appearance, high mechanical strength, and long service life.
3. No joint, continuous power supply. 
4. Small space, Low noise. 
5. Low voltage drop. 
6. Stable operation, fast speed, good conductivity, and contact performance. 
7. The minimum curved radius reaches 750mm.


INSTALLATION of Single Pole Conductor Bar System:

Any pole of the conductor can be installed vertically or horizontally, on a straight or curved system. This single-pole conductor system can be used outdoor with a protective cover, UV, and impact resistance. For a high-temperature environment (-40 ~ 115℃), the protective cover will be provided with different sizes for different sizes of conductor bar. 


APPLICATION of Single Pole Conductor Bar:

With advanced technology, skillful manufacture, and perfect design, the Crane Power Supply conductor is suitable for machinery works, small size steel factories, low power hoisting, cranes, monorails, electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems and wildly used in the Lifting industry. (ambient temperature is< 55℃)


Notes: The table attached above shall only be used for reference. The actual application shall be appropriately modified according to customers' requirements. 

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