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Electromagnetic Beam Spreader

INTRODUCTION of Electromagnetic Beam Spreader:

This electromagnetic beam spreader is a lifting device for overhead cranes and gantry crane. It is designed for steel product handling in steel plants, which can lift steel pipes, bars, coils, plates, sheets, billet, slab, etc. Different lifting solutions are customized according to different steel plate profiles, power failure will not lose magnetism, and will not damage workpieces. Multiple electro-permanent magnets can be grouped and controlled, saving time and improving work efficiency.


Features of Electromagnetic Beam Spreader:

1. It only uses electric power before lifting and the moment before unloading, energy saving.

2. Other times, it does not consume electrical power and does not lose magnetism. It is absolutely safe.

3. It is equipped with remote control for easy operation.

4. It can be grouped and controlled by permanent magnets. And the magnetic force is adjustable.

5. Strong magnetic force without attenuation.

6. Maintenance-free magnetic blocks, no maintenance.

7. For cranes, this spreader can be a rotatable, or rotatable hoist trolley with a non-rotatable spreader. Both are available.

8. The electromagnet can made in different shapes such as square, round, rectangle, etc.

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