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Overhead Cranes Export Myanmar Sugar Factory

0n December 12, Liftsmart exported 6 sets of heavy-duty overhead cranes to Myanmar for a Sugar Factory. This is the company's first export to Myanmar, marking another big step for the company to explore the Southeast Asian market.


Henan Liftsmart Hoisting and Transportation Machinery CO.,LTD (Hereinafter referred to as Liftsmart) is a professional crane manufacturer in China. Liftsmart only focuses on high-end cranes featured with fully automated, intelligent, and European standards. The main products: overhead cranes, gantry cranes, suspension cranes, garbage handling cranes, and other special cranes, serving in the fields of machinery, metallurgy, railways, automobiles, aviation, Nuclear power, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, mining, etc.


At present, infrastructure construction projects in Southeast Asian countries are emerging. The demand for construction machinery is large and urgent. The local industry cannot meet the needs of economic development. More than 90% of the machinery and equipment rely on imports. The demand for other products is very strong. In accordance with the market demand of neighboring countries, the company adjusted its sales strategy and set its sights on the Southeast Asian market.

Our company actively explored the Southeast Asian market and achieved good results. Not only exported 5 gantry cranes to Laos but also signed a batch of supply contracts with customers in Laos and Myanmar. According to the contract, a heavy-duty bridge crane will be exported to Myanmar at the end of August next year.

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