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Advantage of Intelligent EOT Crane

EOT Cranes can carry out vertical lifting and horizontal movement of goods within a specific range. It is mainly used to transfer materials. The corresponding work has intermittent action and cyclic operation. It is widely used in warehouses, factories, docks and other different fields. Now EOT cranes are becoming smarter and autonomous for modern material handling needs.

200t Intelligent EOT Crane
200t Intelligent EOT Crane

Compared with traditional EOT cranes, intelligent EOT cranes have the following advantages:

1. Under the conditions of large capacity and poor working conditions, manual operation is replaced by programs, which can not only operate continuously under adverse environmental conditions, but also manage different equipment and control labor expenditure according to a certain procedure.

2. The operation implementation is very accurate, which can increase the reliability of hook positioning and control the drift amplitude, especially applicable for processing places and factories that need the high installation and positioning standards.

3. It can reduce energy consumption and increase protection. Compared with conventional cranes in the process of practical application, it can save about half of electricity and suppress noise;

4. Avoid safety problems and prevent safety problems caused by human operation. In general, intelligent crane is very important. It is a milestone in the history of crane development. Therefore, we should strengthen the relevant application of unmanned crane in specific application activities.

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