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RTG Crane for Precast Concrete Beam

Updated: Feb 28

Whether you are building highway infrastructure, pouring bridges, prefabricated structures, or other concrete products, you need RTG Cranes in the manufacturing of reinforced concrete bridges. Liftsmart will optimize the crane design scheme according to your special lifting requirements. Through professional customized crane schemes, Liftsmart will help you achieve all lifting tasks!


An RTG crane for road construction is used for hoisting, shifting, and loading prefabricated concrete box girders, beams, and bridges in the yard. Compared with rail-mounted gantry cranes, this RTG crane has flexible steering and fewer limitations.



Capacity: 20 ~ 900 tons.

Lift height: 12m or customized.

Span: 38m or customized.

Working duty: A5 ~ A7.

Power: Three-phase AC 50HZ 380V or customized.

Core Components: PLC, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear.

Application: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works, Energy & Mining, concrete precast bridge beam handling site.


Rubber tire gantry crane is used for stacking, transporting, and laying operations in freight yards or road and bridge construction. It consists of a gantry structure, power transmission system, lifting mechanism, and crane traveling mechanism. The tire-type traveling mechanism allows the crane to move freely without laying tracks, so it can make turns, flexible and easy to use.


The tire-type gantry crane is powered by a diesel AC generator set and can move in two directions in a site without track laying, mounted on large vacuum tires. The number of tires is designed according to the requirements of the site's wheel pressure. The entire crane is operated in the cab.


According to the different structural forms, tire gantry cranes can be box-girder gantry cranes and truss-girder gantry cranes.


Before using the tire gantry crane, attention should be paid to conducting a trial run of the equipment to ensure its safe operation. If any abnormality occurs during the operation, it is necessary to stop the crane for inspection on time.







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