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RTG Crane for Lifting Wind Turbine Tower Barrels

Recently, Liftsmart Crane made a 100t tire-type gantry crane for a wind power project handling the wind turbine tower barrels. The RTG crane can be steered at 90 degrees in place, which can walk horizontally and has great mobility and flexibility.



Built-in power, and 360-degree steering, it has a car-like driving style and simple operation like a game console.

Compared with traditional gantry cranes, they are no longer limited by tracks or cables. As long as there are no obstacles inside or outside the factory, they are the best choice; After practical application, a tire-mounted gantry crane is capable of 4 traditional gantry cranes and has better flexibility than 4 gantry cranes.

Compared with traditional technology, there is no longer a need for two cranes and one transfer truck for transportation. It has changed from passive transportation and loading to active transportation and loading.

Unlike traditional investment models, it can achieve better actual results with less investment. (According to statistics, it can save 60% of investment).


This tire crane can be widely used for the handling of wind turbine towers barrels, port containers, and precast beams in construction sites.






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