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Crane Hometown Changyuan City Release Crane Index Analysis

Junwei Zhao, leader of Changyuan city, delivered a speech at the release ceremony of Changyuan crane index. Zhao pointed out that Changyuan is a well-known crane hometown in China; relying on its strong industrial foundation, perfect industrial ecology and outstanding industrial strength, Changyuan has become the largest and most complete trading and distribution center of hoisting machinery and accessories in China, and is known as the "barometer" of the national hoisting machinery industry.

Changyuan Expo Center
Changyuan Expo Center

The release ceremony of "Changyuan crane index" was ceremoniously held in Changyuan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Junwei Zhao, deputy secretary of Changyuan municipal Party committee and mayor, Taijun Song, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of the Management Committee of Changyuan industrial agglomeration zone, Lei Yan, member of the Standing Committee of Changyuan municipal Party committee and director of the office of Changyuan municipal Party committee, Xiaobo Jing, executive vice president of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, deputy director of machinery industry information center and other leaders attended the release ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wei Chen, vice mayor of Changyuan city.

Junwei Zhao said that on the basis of big data center, Changyuan integrates the data information of manufacturing and sales enterprises of Changyuan hoisting industry cluster, analyzes the working state of cranes by using Internet of things, cloud computing and big data technology, and compiles the "Changyuan crane index", which has important reference significance for macroeconomic analysis. Junwei Zhao stressed that the compilation and release of "Changyuan crane index" will enable Changyuan to provide major data and better serve the lifting industry, and will play a positive role in promoting the industry to scientifically grasp the operation status of the crane industry and promote the industrial transformation and development. Changyuan has a market share of more than 60% in the domestic general bridge and gantry crane, with wide data coverage and strong representativeness“ Changyuan crane index” is the crane operation data of various provinces and regions in China, which reflects the operating rate and production activity in manufacturing factories. "Changyuan crane index" matches with Keqiang index, manufacturing PMI index and excavator index, and is the economic prosperity index.

Crane Delivery from Changyuan City
Crane Delivery from Changyuan City

Changyuan crane index is mainly based on GB / T 3811-2008 Crane Design Code and GB / T 28264-2017 Hoisting Machinery Safety Monitoring Management System. With the help of Internet of things technology, the real-time working data of the crane is transmitted back to the "Changyuan crane index analysis platform" through airborne controller, sensor and wireless communication module. Using big data technology, analyze the crane working data in real time, and then give scientific weight to the data, and the average value of the index is 150. With China's overall promotion of epidemic prevention & control and economic & social development, the situation of epidemic prevention and control continued to improve, and the resumption of work and production is accelerated. The Changyuan crane index has risen from 106.4 in February to 167.2 in August, indicating that China's economic recovery is obvious after the epidemic, and the gantry crane has enough power to sail against the current!

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