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Crane Inspection Technology And Internet of Things

Abstract: with the continuous development of science and technology in China, Internet of Things, as a new technology using modern network and monitoring, is gradually applied to crane inspection, which can not only improve the safety and stability of crane, but also reduce the malfunction problems caused by inspection errors. At the same time, It can also predict the possible hazards and technical problems of the crane in advance, so as to provide technical guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the crane.

Keywords: Background of Internet of Things; Crane; Inspection technology; discuss

Crane is a kind of lifting and handling machinery widely used in ports, workshops, power station, construction sites, logistics and other places. It plays a very important role in improving labor productivity. Crane is a large mechanical equipment, and the normal operation of its functions is related to the safety of operators' lives and property. Therefore, it is necessary to build a complete crane inspection technology system under the background of Internet of Things to monitor and track the operation status of crane in real time, Timely find the faults in the operation process, so as to improve the management level of crane equipment and ensure the safe and stable operation of crane.


1.Overview of the Internet of Things

As its name implies, the Internet of things is the process of connecting things to things, things to people, and things to the network, that is, it uses various scientific technologies, such as sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, global positioning system, infrared sensors, laser scanners, gas sensors and other devices and technologies to collect, identify, transmit, handle and execute information, and then monitor Connection and interaction can realize the positioning and tracking of any object under the background of the Internet of things, which is conducive to users to understand the information of objects in time. With the development of science and technology, the Internet of things technology has been widely used in various fields.


2. Procedure of crane inspection technology under the background of Internet of Things

Before the crane inspection technology, relevant personnel need to investigate and understand the site conditions. If it is found that the site conditions cannot meet the inspection requirements, all work related to the inspection needs to be stopped, and then confirm the site inspection conditions. The relevant inspection personnel shall carefully check the data and data related to the crane, record the relevant data in detail for comparison with the original one, report the problems encountered in the inspection to the relevant units, and then judge whether the inspection results are qualified according to the actual data and site conditions of the crane.


3. Problems of crane inspection technology under the background of Internet of Things

3.1. Many inspection contents and high work intensity

Crane is a large-scale mechanical equipment, and its structure is complex. In addition, each inspection requires high accuracy, which needs higher requirements for the professional skills of inspectors. At the same time, the crane inspection content is numerous and cumbersome, which not only increases the workload of inspectors, but also leads to errors in the inspection and recording process, affecting the quality and efficiency of inspection work.

3.2. Stagnation of inspection

Due to the stagnation of the inspection information of the crane, it is difficult for the inspectors to timely analyze and judge the actual working situation of the crane. In addition, the relevant enterprises have not recorded the relevant information of the crane, causing problems in the original data and information of the crane, resulting in great errors with the inspection results, and can not accurately predict and prevent equipment risks.

3.3. Low efficiency of inspection

When inspecting several cranes at the same time, inspectors need to analyze the parameters of each crane, and then distinguish and compare them. This will not only increase the workload of inspectors, but also low inspection efficiency, and frequent inspection errors.

3.4. The time for issuing the inspection report is too long

Usually, inspectors fill in the actual data after completing the inspection task, and then issue a complete inspection report. This process often takes a long time, which is not conducive to the improvement of crane inspection efficiency.

4. Reform measures of crane inspection technology under the background of Internet of Things

4.1. Build a perfect crane inspection system

In the context of the Internet of things, it is very necessary to build a complete crane inspection system. The system should include RFID, wireless data communication, remote control and APP software. RFID is an automatic identification technology, which automatically collects important parts of the crane to the central information system by sticking electronic labels at important parts of the crane, and then using the wireless data communication network to automatically scan and identify items to realize the exchange, sharing and transparent management of the items. In the APP software system, it can help inspectors query the relevant data information of the crane, automatically sort the detection time of the crane according to the importance of the detection content, then store the detection data in the app software, and send the detection data to the database by using remote control technology and wireless data communication, so as to provide technical support for crane inspection in the future.

4.2 Use Internet of things technology to effectively collect crane data and information

Use Internet of things technology to effectively collect crane data and information, and establish relevant database to realize scientific and reasonable data collection, make data collection more accurate, and provide data support for crane inspection.

4.3 Strengthen the effective combination of Internet of things technology and crane inspection technology

In the context of Internet of things, we should strengthen the effective combination of Internet of things technology and crane inspection technology, often learn and summarize the relevant experience and lessons of crane inspection, use Internet of things technology to deeply analyze the inspection risk of crane, analyze and evaluate the hidden danger risk data, and then take preventive measures to make the crane inspection technology more reasonable and scientific.

32t Overhead Crane
32t Overhead Crane

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