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Gear Motor Model F/K


The F/K series gear motor consists of a cage-type AC electric motor and a gearbox. The motor shaft and the first gear shaft are integrated to make a compact structure. There are three installation methods: bottom, flange and shaft installation. The output shaft has two structures: solid axis and hollow axis. It can be connected with a single key, spline or shrinking disc. If the required output speed is very low, you can install a diagonal gear gearbox to form a multi-level reducer. It can be driven by a single or dual-speed motor at 50 (or 60) HZ power supply, or variable frequency can be realized by the inverter or mechanical transmission. In addition, there is an additional security gearbox component of explosion-proof motors with gearbox; a DC gearbox composed of DC motor with gearbox. There is also a single input shaft gearbox. It is matched with the motor with a shaft, or provided a special adjustable electric motor installation frame to install the motor on the gearbox.


① The transmission ratio is finely graded;

② The structure is compact and requires small space;

③ Wide application, exquisite design, reliable and durable;

④ A combination of components of different functions to meet the needs of any transmission conditions;

⑤ The noise is extremely low.

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