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Intelligent Transformation of Cranes

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

There are many crane manufacturers in China, and the production competition is becoming more and more fierce. It is hard to complete the multinational construction just rely on single product. Therefore, China company is becoming stronger in the international market with wide scope of products, especially for those products with great market potential.

As the requirements for lifting machinery are getting higher and higher, the requirements for the technical content of the equipment are also increasing. At the critical moment of confrontation and transformation, intelligent and high-end equipment is the best future for the development of cranes. To complete the intelligentization of cranes, high-end intelligent equipment is inseparable. Intelligent instrumentation and intelligent sensors can all be used in the crane to assist the crane to complete its intelligence.

The intelligence of the crane is a powerful guarantee for the stability and safety of the lifting equipment. It can monitor various instruments and working conditions, etc., and also record all relevant information during the crane working, and then it can Adopt relevant methods for doubts, and then complete the optimization of equipment functions.

In the future, intelligent hoisting machinery equipment will also have faulty self-diagnosis capabilities and self-correction capabilities, which can save users maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs, reduce failure rates, and increase production power.

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