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Liftsmart Rated as Crane Production Smart Factory

On 5, July, good news came from the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province that Liftsmart Crane Production Smart Factory was successfully approved as Henan Province Smart Factory, which is another breakthrough honor after the approval of the smart workshop. This honor marks that Liftsmart has enter into the era of intelligent manufacturing of digital information.

In recent years, Liftsmart has adhered to the development of Intelligent Innovation, and attaches great importance to the construction of intelligent factories. From order signing to R&D and design, from production to intelligent warehousing, Liftsmart has realized the online, digital and intelligent data management of crane life cycle.

Liftsmart applies the product life cycle management system (PLM) to realize the integrated management of product design and process data; through the construction of industrial Internet and big data, using modeling and mathematical analysis, it gradually realizes intelligent product design; application manufacturing execution System (MES), realizes the visualization of workshop operation plan, production task, maintenance task command and scheduling, and can adjust in real time according to product production plan, improve and integrate intelligent manufacturing processing unit, and realize comprehensive coverage of intelligent manufacturing network; the company applies enterprise resource planning system (SAP-ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), self-developed OA office system and other information software, carry out efficient integration, and realize business operations in sales, design, production, procurement, warehouse, quality, cost, service and other links. The management functions are interconnected, providing data decision-making basis for the company to carry out continuous management optimization.

Liftsmart has always adhered to intelligent and green development, continuously strengthened the awareness of intelligent development, focused on enhancing the endogenous driving force for enterprise reform, and effectively did a good job in intelligent management and technological innovation and upgrading, and steadily improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Liftsmart Plant
Liftsmart Plant

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