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New Design Cranes Start New Era

New Chinese Crane! The meaning of "new" not only emphasizes new products but also represents the most cutting-edge technical level in the industry. China crane manufacturers believe that the New Chinese crane shall have 5 features: lightweight, green, intelligent, networked, and customized.

The term "European Standard Crane" created by the Chinese is widely favored by Chinese enterprises because of its lightweight and high configuration. In fact, over the years of development of the lifting industry in China, it has formed advanced technologies and products with both "European Standard Crane" advantages and Chinese characteristics.

"The 'New Design Chinese Crane' is not only an industry concept and a standard new formulation, but also a manifestation of national self-confidence, technical self-confidence, and brand self-confidence against the background that China's lifting equipment is becoming more and more important to the world and will lead the trend of the crane development." Jisheng Wang, vice president, and Secretary-General of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association said.

At present, crane manufacturers in Henan province, China have applied to China Heavy Machinery Industry Association to take the lead in the formulation of relevant standards. Jisheng Wang believes that as the "leader" of the industry, Henan crane manufacturers have the ability to take the lead in formulating standards“ The above 5 characteristics of "new Chinese crane" can be widely reflected in the products of Henan crane manufacturers.

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