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Notes of Crane Installation

The installation of a crane is as important as its design and manufacture. The installation quality has a great impact on the service life, design efficiency, production and use, safety and economic benefits of structural parts and components of hoisting equipment.

The crane shall be installed from the arrival of the equipment to the completion of the equipment installation, passing the commissioning and test, and handling the project acceptance. As the crane is a special equipment with high risk, safety work is particularly important in installation.

Liftsmart has rich practical experience. We will provide you with the overall installation service of lifting equipment to make your crane run smoothly.

After installation, we will also check the commissioning and operation of your equipment, and provide relevant operation test data reports. At the same time, we can also provide professional training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

With professional service team, rich construction experience and strict quality control, we wholeheartedly provide you with a full set of installation, commissioning and acceptance services.

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