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User Manual of Gearbox Series F, K, H, B

1. Application and Working Conditions

  1. Hardened gear reducers/gearboxes are widely used in the fields of transportation, metallurgy, mining, lifting, chemical, construction and light industry, etc.

  2. Peripheral speed of the gear ≤20m/s;

  3. High-speed shaft speed ≤1500r/min;

  4. Working environment temperature: -40℃—+60℃;


2. Before Installation

The following items must be checked:

  1. The power supply must be consistent with that indicated on the nameplate.

  2. Make sure the drive is undamaged from transport or storage.

  3. The ambient temperature must correspond to the specified lubricant (find Lubricant table).

  4. Power installations and use are not allowed in flammable, explosive, oil, pickling corrosive environments, gas, water vapor or radioactive environments.

  5. For the helical gear-turbine worm reducer, a large inertia torque is not allowed, and the large inertia torque will bring an excessive load to the reducer during braking.

  6. Commonly-used solvents must be used to clean the output shaft and flange surfaces to remove the rust inhibitors, contaminants or similar contaminants. Do not get solvents on the sealing lip of the shaft sealing ring to prevent the material from damage.

  7. In corrosive environmental conditions, please protect the shaft sealing ring of the working shaft section to prevent damage.

  8. Make sure the matching size of the hole (or shaft) connected with the reducer meets the requirements. The tolerance of the hollow hole of the reducer is H7 (the tolerance of the shaft is k6).

3. Installation and Use

  1. Please install the reducer according to this manual. If users have special needs, please contact our company for solutions before installing and using.

  2. The mounting screws should be tightened with the specified torque, and they should be tightened frequently to make them firm all time, and the gasket is a spring gasket.

  3. The reducer shall be flexibly rotated by hand without sticking before use, and then run at no-load for more than 2 hours. The running shall be stable, without impact, vibration, abnormal noise and oil leakage, and the fasteners must not be loose.

  4. Gear reducers are generally lubricated by oil pools and replenished regularly (the lubricating oil volume is at the 1/2~4/5 position of the oil window or the required range of the oil dipstick).

  5. For base-type installation, the elevation of the center line should be calibrated. When the coupling is connected, the coaxiality of the calibrated two shafts should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

  6. For flange-type installation, the convex shoulder or concave shoulder shall be well matched to avoid displacement.

  7. Torque-arm-type installation, the active hollow shaft and the passive shaft shall cooperate well, and the torque arm shall be fixed and locked.

  8. Do not hit them hard when installing couplings, pulleys, sprockets, etc. on the output shaft, and press the couplings into the screw holes at the outer end of the output shaft.

  9. Generally speaking, the exhaust valve is already in a working state after leaving the factory. If not, please remove the shipping fixture from the vent valve before using the reducer.


  1. When installing a solid shaft in a hollow shaft, the surface should be coated with anti-rust oil before installation.

  2. For foot or flange installation, grade 8.8 bolts can be used for small F and K series reducers, and grade 10.9 or higher for the large H and B series reducer.

  3. If users need to change the installation method, users can generally replace the oil mirror, oil plug, and breather cap.

4. Inspection and Maintenance

  1. If the oil seal leaks, please replace it as soon as possible.

  2. When the oil temperature rises significantly during use, the temperature rise exceeds 60°C or the oil temperature exceeds 85°C, and abnormal noise occurs, the reducer shall be stopped in time for inspection, and then use after troubleshooting. If users can't solve it, please contact our company for after-sales service consultation or maintenance.

  3. The inspection and maintenance cycle is shown in the following table:


4. When the reducer has been shut down continuously for more than 24 hours and restarted, the gears and bearings shall be fully lubricated and can be run with load. The reducer with an oil pump shall start the oil pump first.

5. The company is not responsible for any problems arising from the disassembly or transformation of the reducer without negotiation by the user. If the reducer is damaged without reading this manual carefully, the company will cancel the quality guarantee.

6. The lubricating oil is shown in the following table:


5. Fault


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