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A-frame Gantry Crane Model MH

This gantry crane is a single-girder gantry crane with A-frame support legs. The hoist is usually a wire-rope hoist with a capacity of 1t to 32t.


Introduction to MH Gantry Crane

Model MH single girder gantry crane is designed with A-frame support legs. The beam can be a box-type girder or a lattice truss beam. The box-type girder has good techniques and easy fabrication, and the lattice beam has light self-weight and is strong in wind resistance. For different applications, the MH gantry crane also can be designed with outstretch at one side or both sides of the main beam. The outstretch beam can transmit the goods to the edge through the supporting legs, which is very convenient and high efficiency.

A-frame gantry crane installation

Features of MH Gantry Crane

1. Simple and compact structure, stable performance.
2. Easy to install and high efficiency.
3. Overload, low voltage protective device.
4. Pendant pushbutton control and remote control.
5. Easy maintenance.

6. Work with the classic Model CD/MD wire rope electric hoist with lift capacity 1t to 32t.

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3t single girder gantry crane
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