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Which Circumstances Using Cranes Is Prohibited

Please don’t lift objects in case of the following situations:

1. The crane and its safety devices and braking devices have abnormal noises;

2. The state and weight of the object are unknown, or overload;

3. The sling is unqualified, and the sling is damaged;

4. Unbalanced or loose heavy objects;

5. Objects with sharp edges and without pads;

6. Uneven pulling, or using it to hang the workpieces just for convenient processing;

7. Charged objects and buried objects;

8. Hazardous chemicals without safety measures;

9. Person or floating objects on the heavy objects;

10. There is no special person to guide, the guide signal is unclear or the without good view.

Crane Hook
Crane Hook

11. Lifted object may bump into other objects;

12. People without leaving the safe zone;

13. Hang the workpieces just for convenient processing;

14. The hook has no anti-unhook device or the hanging object is easy to slip off with the hook;

15. 2 or more steel plates lifted at one time with clamps;

16. The lifting beam is higher than 1.5 meters from the ground or and there is no rope at both ends of the lifter beam;

17. Hanging chains, wire ropes, steel plates, etc. are pulled out under the hanging objects, which are easy to overturn the objects;

18. The hooks, clips, ropes and chains without leaving the hanging object;

19. There is people under the crane;

20. Thunderstorm days, strong winds above level 6.

Bridge Crane
Bridge Crane

Please don’t run the crane in case of the following situations:

1. There is ropes, clip, chains on the hook, and no one help;

2. There are people, objects, and wires beside the track;

3. There is no bell, or the bell does not ring, or people don’t leave when ringing;

4. Crane may collide with other cranes or objects.

5. rainy days or foggy days without good views.

Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane

Please report it in case of the following situations:

1. Weld Cracking of ladder rail;

2. The glass is broken;

3. Rotten of insulation board, and there is a leakage of electricity;

4. The crane is not parked properly due to power failure or crane damage;

5. Anyone who violates the regulations.

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