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How to Install a Gantry Crane

Before the Installation, you need to prepare some installation tools such as Wrench tool box, gear oil, welder, hydraulic jacks, chain block, steel tape measure, tow rope, traction wire rope, wire rope sling, support equipment for leg installation, installation platform for leg installation, forklift, truck crane, etc.

Installation Steps for Your Reference:

1. Fill the gearbox oil

2. calculate installation position

3. confirm the diagonals are equal

4. main beam connection installation

5. end carriage installation

6. drag chain installation

7. guardrail installation

8. saddle installation

9. lower beam and wheels installation

10. legs installation

11. pull rope and platform installation

12. cable drum installation

13. ladder installation

14. working platform installation

15. confirm the diagonals are equal

16. cabin installation

17. ladder installation

18. main beam installation with leg support equipment

19. main beam and legs connection

20. remove the working platform and pull rope

21. remove leg support equipment

22. trolley hoist hoisting and installation

23. drag chain installation

24. rain cover installation

25. wire rope torsion release

26. connect wire rope with sling

27. sling pull the wire rope to drum and winding

28. lower the wire rope to ground

29. hook installation

30. installation finished

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