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Daily 600t Wastes Grabbing Cranes Exported Thailand

The 2 garbage grab cranes made by Liftsmart exported to Thailand have recently completed all installation, commissioning, acceptance, and have been put into use.


These garbage grab cranes will be used in garbage incineration power plant projects. According to the design requirements, the cranes will handle 600 tons of garbage per day. As known, Thailand will generate 10 megawatts of electricity power each year using garbage as fuel, accounting for 8% of the total electricity generation.


In this project, Liftsmart used valve-controlled electric grabbing bucket, four-point weighing method and other new technologies for the first time. These new technologies greatly improved the operation stability of garbage grab cranes and further expanded the influence of Liftsmart Crane in the field of waste-to-energy projects. At the same time, the remote fault diagnosis and control software online upgrade function developed by Liftsmart has also been successfully used in this project. This function can rely on the network platform to complete the remote monitoring and software update of the equipment central control system in real time, efficiently and accurately discover the failure, in order to minimize the equipment failure processing time and minimize the impact on the power generation of the power plant.


With the economic development, Thailand's demand for electricity is increasing at a rate of 7% per year. In order to cope with the increasing demand for electricity, Thailand plans to invest in the construction of more waste-to-energy plants. As the development direction of modern biomass energy, waste-to-energy generation can efficiently, cleanly and greenly utilize biomass including waste and convert biomass into high-quality energy.


Thailand project site is located in the tropics. During the implementation of the project, the construction staff of Liftsmart overcome the harsh high temperature and humidity environment, and race against time under the threat of tropical diseases such as dengue fever at any time, and completed the Installation and commissioning tasks of all equipment.

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