L Legs Gantry Crane

L legs gantry crane is a single girder gantry crane with an L shape supporting legs. It is a general-purpose gantry crane for outdoor plant material handling with a capacity of 2t to 50t. 


Introduction to L Legs Gantry Crane:

L legs gantry crane is a single girder gantry crane used for handling materials outdoors, or at a warehouse, stock ground, railway station, seaport cargo area, etc. The crane is composed of a gantry, L shape support leg, crane beam, crane traveling, hoisting, electric control system.

Two forms of power supply: cable car and cable reel. And the specifications, installation, and location of the cable reel are based on the specific situation. 

gantry crane L support leg

Structure of L Legs Gantry Crane:

The frame adopts a box-type welding mechanism, the L type single leg is a welding structure in order to increases the workspace, and it is convenient for transportation, installation, and maintenance. Traveling mechanism adopts separate drive. This gantry cane can be equipped with closed cabin, and there is cabs with heat preservation for selection. 

L Gantry crane

Features of L Legs Gantry Crane:

1. Box type girder, Simple and compact structure, steady performance, and easy for installation and maintenance;
2. Overload, low voltage protection.
4. Pendant control, remote control, or operator’s cabin.
5. Preventing hook clashing the top, set shields, and barriers.
6. Circuit self-test protection device, travel limit to protect the current lacking of any phase.
7. Outdoor cranes are equipped with a lifting mechanism, electrical control box, and rainproof devices.
8. Anti-collision, sound light alarm. Equipped with rail clamp.
9. Good operation vision of cab, equipped with the internal linkage control console, flexible and comfortable operation, install fan, heater, cooler, air-conditioner and intercom according to the customers' requirements;

L leg gantry crane
L leg single girder gantry crane
L type gantry crane